About Us

The U.P. Table Tennis Association owes its foundation to Mr. D.K. Raman and was formed by Mr. K.R. Kirloskar as it’s first Secretary. But not until 1954 when the 1st Northern India Championship was held was there any activity. This meet held at Saharanpur under the guidance of then State Secretary Mr. Mahendra Kishore whipped up interest in the game. Same year Saharanpur hosted the II U.P. State Championship. U.P. participated in the Nationals for the first time in 1954. U.P. has hosted four National Championships. The 19th Nationals was held at Saharanpur in 1956, 39th Nationals at Allahabad in 1976, 49th National again at Allahabad 1987 and 61st Sr. Nationals at Lucknow in January – 2000. and many National Ranking tournaments and International test matches.

We have completed 55 years in the glorious run of our Table Tennis. Tournament is a matter of envy and a thing to covet. We can boast of having staged test matches between Hungary, Singapore & India in 1958 at Lucknow and again between Japan & India in 1973. We staged these test matches at four centers in the state viz. Lucknow, Kanpur, Saharanpur and Meerut. The following year we staged test matches between S. Korea & India at three centers in the state Viz. Lucknow, Kanpur and Meerut and again triangular test matches between Hungry, Japan and India at four centers Viz. Lucknow, Moradabad, Meerut and Agra in January, 1977. The main idea and the compelling theme of our state in taking upon itself the responsibility and exacting task of running Inter Nationals tournaments and test matches is to create in our players more interest and experience for this beautiful game.